What we offer

What We Offer

A special occasion requires a special cake. Gone are the days where kids or adults are satisfied with regular cream cakes. We service orders for a One-day old baby birth celebrations to 75th birthday cakes. Rather than ordering for a simple cake, you may get it customized as per your requirement, based on the occasion. You may order themed cakes keeping in mind your loved ones’ hobbies, colour, cartoon character, interests, etc. Similarly, you have option of ordering classy and elegant Engagement or Wedding cakes.

Now let’s learn about some important things to remember while ordering a custom cake. Though multiple combinations can be chosen from the suggestions below, but based on the design, some cakes have to be made in a specific combination. These aspects can be discussed while deciding on the requirement.

  • Frosting- You may choose from various types of icing like Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Butter Cream, Fondant, etc.
  • Texture of the cake -
    • You may opt for Egg or Eggless cake. All the flavours, which we offer, can be made in both the variations.
    • Our cakes are not drenched in sugar syrup (like the juicy cool-cakes you get in a regular bakery). Excessive sugar syrup destroys the flavour of a cake. If your priority is richness of flavour, the cakes will be denser than a bakery cake.
  • Cake Size - The cake can be a single or a multi-tier cake, based on the weight & design of the cake.
  • Weight of the cake – Ideally, a 1 kg cake can serve about 12-15 people. But again, that depends on the occasion. Do detail out the occasion so that we may suggest better.
  • Shape of the cake – Based on the occasion & design, you may choose between a round, square, heart shaped cake. The cake can also be carved out like a bottle, a number, a ball, etc.
  • Cake Flavours – Though we offer many flavours, the most popular ones are Chocolate, Red Velvet, Classic Vanilla & Butterscotch. There are more variants in Chocolate, like Choco-chips, Choco-Truffle, Choco-Mocha, etc. You may opt for some special flavours also, like Berries, Fruit based, Oreo, etc. A combination of flavours can be chosen for tier cakes, but again that is restricted to the design.
  • Cake Colours – This largely depends on the design and preference. Multiple colours can be chosen in fondant and non-fondant cakes. But as a home baker, we suggest minimal use of colours in cakes.

What More Do We Offer

Though it’s all about the cake in most of the occasions, only cakes don’t suffice a party requirement these days. We need great desserts to end any party. Hence, we also offer a wide range of desserts like Cupcakes, Doughnuts, Cakesicles, Truffles, Brownies, Macarons & Dessert Jars. Not only special occasions, you can order desserts for a sweet ending to a everyday meal.

If you don’t like icing cakes, then we have Loaves also to offer. Check out our Gallery for all the dessert options.

Do contact us for all your requirements and we will be able to guide you better to deliver the best looking and tasty cake.